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a wonderful opportunity to help retailers without an e-commerce website expand their sales with little to no effort at all. We understand that selling products online takes a lot of work but when you have Zelli Italia Online Partnership Program there’s no need for all that. We do all the hard work while you have all the fun watching the cash flow in!

How it Works:

  • 1. Account Set Up & Code Assignment
  • Email us to be set up as a dealer. Once your account is set up you will receive a special code that your customers will use when purchasing products on our website.
  • 2. Market Zelli Italia
  • Using the product images and lifestyle images found on our website you are welcome to save any you may need to help market Zelli Italia to your customers on social media, email newsletters, or direct mail. Check out our catalogs with lifestyle images found here
  • 3. Shopping on ZelliItalia.com
  • When sending your customers to our website, provide them with the special code you were assigned. Your customer shops our website like they would on any e-commerce website. When the customer proceeds to checkout, they will enter the special code you were assigned in the discount code section. The product(s) they purchased will be sent to their desired address. 
  • 4. Watch the Cash Flow In
  • Because your customer used the special code you were assigned, that tells us that we owe you money! We will mail you a check for the margin dollar difference of the wholesale price. That's it!

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